Marcella Moser, Erik Rolfsen, Anny Chih

Vancouver's top 3 for the Best Job In The World

Wed 04 Mar 2009

Having ventured to Vancouver on my round the world trip, I was pleased to be able to meet the Vancouver top 50 connections competing for the best job in the world. Anny Chih, Erik Rolfsen, and Marcella Moser arranged a meet at the Steamworks on Water Street, Vancouver.

Immediately friendly at the handshake these top 50 candidates seemed a little weary, as it had only been 24 hours since the announcement. Their press schedule had been hectic as the media demanded their attention.

Having communicated with them all on the "Ning" community created by Susie Parish shortly after the competition began, it was certainly a pleasure to now meet them in the flesh.

I was struck by the diversity of vocation and character of this West Canadian trio, which is a reminder of the campaign's success of drawing applications from every corner of the globe and people from all walks of life. Dreamers are alive and well in this world, drawn like a moth to a flame to a competition that offers 1 lucky person 6 months on a tropical resort island. Back at the table, Anny was engaging, postured and that smile that won our hearts in her application video. Marcella's enthusiasm was in overdrive, as she talked and tidied her appointment schedule on a piece of paper. Erik is tall and notably relaxed about his success and the encroaching media circus. Perhaps his years in journalism, or being a father had trained his calm mind.

While competitors, the camaraderie was obvious and will surely give them an advantage. Perhaps inadvertently, Vancouver was definitely a hot spot for top 50 talent with it being one of the most well represented cities in the competition. Was there something in the water? I have since purchased 5 litres to test it out on some un-charismatic people I know. Perhaps unfairly, the "control" in this experiment will be a charismatic person feed Hamilton Island water to watch the effects over 6 months. Oops, someone has beat me to it. :-)

Now suddenly evolved into a truly global reality show supported by networked spotlights, media and Internet communities, the creator's brilliance had just taken another notch. Welcome the Big Brother house, ladies and gentlemen, the "Best Job" started yesterday.
Steamworks Brewing Company

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