Interview with David Whitehill

Thu 02 Apr 2009

With just hours to till the announcement of the top 10 Best Job in the World applicants sought some answers from the top 50 that have now endured months of blogging, interviews and sleepness nights as they campaign be the first "Island Caretaker" for the Great Barrier Reef.

We received this response from David about his campaign.

1.When you started out with BJITw did you consider the amount of time that you would have to put in to eventually be the island caretaker?
It has been quite an amazing journey with the media response. TV, radio, print and just the general public have really jumped on board the quest and it's been great to have the support. It has been busy, to say the least, but definitly worth it if I secure the job. It's been a rush!

2. How many hours would you estimate that you have put into your campaign?
It's hard to but there three weeks there that were quite intensive

3. Who has been in the most inspirational and supportive in your campaign (outside your folks)?
My girlfriend has been really supportive and has been making sure I keep on the straight and narrow. My dog has stuck by me every step of the way as well.

4. There has been some media and internet coverage that has been quite critical of the campaign. Have you come in for any direct flak for your success thus far? How did you feel about it?
Yes I had a hoax email going around saying that my application was staged and that the decision had already been made however I think if you bite back at these kinds of things it just adds fuel to the fire. In a massive campaign like this you will always encounter some negativity but you just need treat it like a falling star and let it fade away

5. What is the most important thing you have learned during the process?
To have fun and don't wax your chest. I did it as part of a voting stunt on the radio and I swear I will never even think about doing that again!

6. Should you not eventually become the IC, what does life look like after the dust has settled?
I will still be involved in media through television and travel and I want to keep developing my conservation side and bring a love of our natural world to every persons life. It's a big goal but I'm really looking forward to it.