What is the master reef guide program? Ed, Charter Yachts Australia

Mon 08 Jun 2020

Podcast Audio

What is a Master Reef Guide? John Nayler poses the question to Ed from Charter Yachts Australia.

Ed says, "The Master Reef Guide Program is an exciting new group of Guides which has been organised by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Tourism bodies -  everyone working together so that they can educate and deliver the highest level of guiding experience to the guests who are coming to visit the Reef".

There are currently 70 Guides from south Lady Musgrave Island right through to Cairns, with 15 Guides located in the Whitsundays. The program delivers higher-end training on the biology,  history, culture and indigenous history of the region. It allows the Guides to portray a more accurate, clearer interpretation and storytelling on what people are seeing.

Traditionally with a Bareboat Charter, the briefing is delivered by a qualified briefer who has a ticket, experience and other marine qualifications, usually a Yachtie. Ed explains, "The Master Reef Guide Program is a level above, allowing for us to talk more extensively on the fauna and flora plus additional points of interest in the cultural history". "In essence, we try to make a difference by connecting people with the Reef so that they truly understand and can appreciate and respect the islands and its coral". There are only 3 local Master Reef Guides associated with the Bareboat Charter industry.

There are very strong ethics placed on the environmental care and awareness of the Whitsundays. The Master Reef Guides are involved with the parks in the scientific community of monitoring and maintaining the environment, also in conjunction with all the operators in the region.

Ed says that "Citizens are invited to join in on the 'Eye on the Reef program', which Charter Yachts Australia are offering to all their guests so that they can also contribute to this fantastic program". "Such as the Whale Watching season where guests can record and take photos of the whales and calve numbers and then log this information onto the Great Barrier Reef website". "This forms part of the monitoring of the whale population in the Whitsundays and along the east coast of Australia". "It is one small way to contribute to both the delivery of the tourism product plus the and monitoring and the management of the area as well".

When taking a local Guide out with you on a Bareboat Charter, you are getting the benefit of local knowledge and experience. The additional benefits of being a Master Reef Guide is linking up with 70 peers and working with the best Archeologists, Marine Biologists and the Senior Parks Management -  learning from them so that we can share that information with our guests.

"The Master Reef Guide Program is a composite program, driven and managed by the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and the Queensland Wildlife Park Services who are the foot soldiers, so to speak".  "We are here on the ground representing both organisations with the backing of the Tourism bodies in conjunction with the scientific programs". "We share a common vision of protecting the Reef for the future generations", says Ed.

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